We are proud to declare that CCC Cruise Line is scheduled to travel round trip to Grand Bahama Island “The jewel of the Bahamas,” widely considered paradise tropical, known for its pristine beaches of pure white sand, clear waters and an atmosphere relaxed . It’s also home to our destination preferred the famous Our Lucaya Beach and Golf Resort . Our cruise luxury midsize features 500 cabins well equipped, which allows us to travel with up to 1,500 passengers comfortably. decor cabin is modern and comfortable. With room service 24 hours available, and one focus in service throughout the ship , the Bahama Exelsior offers our customers an experience unforgettable onboard .

LAS VEGAS STYLE CASINO. Question by travel package including up to 50 dollars in Match Play.

We have one winner! Your adrenaline will soar as you join with the goddess of fortune in the casino style Las Vegas aboard our ship the Bahamarama Casino . Open day and night until 3:00 a.m. enjoying the experience-hopefully and play your numbers favorites fortunate in our tables of roulette, baccarat, poker and much more … there is never a moment bored in the floor of the casino! sure to ask about Free “Match Play” to enter the casino and if you are new to the game – we have classes of instruction as well. Good luck and animate to meet the official cruise line of the island of Grand Bahamas. .

FOUR RESTAURANTS ON BOARD. International aboard the cruise food is highly praised.

THE RIO. Brazilian style meat breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet including meat, poultry, grilled sausages, salad buffet and more.

GERRY DI . Cooking lunch and dinner Italian style includes: pizza, pasta, salads, main dishes

THE CRYSTAL ROOM DINNING . Continental style dining, lunch and dinner, served from diverse backgrounds to choose among other dishes: fish, poultry, meat, vegetarian dishes and pastas.

THE COVE. Gourmet Restaurant A la carte dishes served in an elegant dining room. (Additional charge of $ 25 pp)

Beautiful Sunsets


Enjoy The View Our Club.

You will find entertainment at its best in our club with style the View . This spectacular two-level lounge, the place is perfect for entertaining amazing live , Music Live and one fantastic dance party all night ! This is sure to become the point of the vessel hot . ‘s staging after dinner will appeal to the family of all ages . And then , it is time for adults to enjoy the party and the best tropical music for dancing.

Traveling alone then you can use our promo code to get access to excellent private adult entertainment.

ENTERTAINMENT CHILDREN AND YOUTH. Areas of unique and fun game.

Three areas for children from 3 to 17 years
Club Coconuts: 3 to 10 years old.
Club Wave: 11 to 14 years old.
Electro Club: 14 to 17 years old.
The three areas have been designed specifically for all ages.
Area children’s pool with water slide over 180 feet tall, and a refreshing waterfall in indoor playground decorated with animated puppets.

ROOMS. Our ship has more than 500 rooms with all amenities.

We have a variety of booths set up with general category basic services in a smaller size than previous cabinets.